Joshua Hunt

Portrait/Landscape: Value

Digital Projection (3'x3' or variable), 2014

Rationale for "Portrait/Landscape: Value" related to the project "Lightfields"

Influenced by minimalism movements of neoplasticism, color field, Op-Art, hard-edge painting, and post-painterly abstraction “Light Fields” is an extension of such schools of thought with an emphasis on additive color theory and the visual light spectrum. Created within digital processes “Light Fields” respond to the value of traditional physical artifacts (such as painting or sculpture) as the importance of this project lays in its non-physical properties (memory file) rather than being a tangible, physical artwork.


Also, in the project “Light Fields” I attempt to illustrate narratives through “non-objective” forms which can be subjectively interpreted by the viewer though suggested compositional choices and color associations. From my end, suggested themes can include, but are not limited to: unity, separation, completeness, voyage, play, interpersonal relations, dissociation, and power of influence.


Again I refer to the tradition minimalist, non-objective art of which this project is derived from and see this project as paying homage to artists that have influenced me starting with Piet Mondrian and Johannes Itten, but in particular Mid-Late century American painters Barrett Newman, Clifford Stills, Kenneth Noland, Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, and Frank Stella. Enjoy!