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Extended Media (Modular ), 2014

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This work seeks to explore liminal space, or more accurately the space where the public and the private meet, where the exterior space of the public world becomes internalized to create an affect that alters the way in which we engage with the surrounding environment. Embracing noise and happenstance is reflective of the shift in the conception of sound as a state of being to a sate of becoming, a sate of ‘becoming’ is open and continuous. The creation of the sensorium is not isolated and constructed individually through each sense but is the totalizing affect of all combined and working in unison that produces our conception of the self and our conception of the other, the interior and the exterior. These works probe, burrow, and scan in order to translate information that is extra sensory. The use of technologies as a prosthetic of the body in order to extend our senses, and to extend our conception of the corporal world, alters our individual relationships to it. The use of sound as an immediate and temporary translation pulls out the poetic possibilities that are dormant in the surrounding environment, and by mediating and translating it through these devices the viewer gains access to situations that are not readily accessible through the body. The process of making information, that is intangible to the senses, concrete, definable, and experiential opens new possibilities of constituting the self in the present and enhances the notion of the “what if” and the imaginative while exploring the role that scientific knowledge plays in the dynamic relationships between the self, the other, and the environment on local, global, and cosmic scales.