Inspiration Grid

Acrylic on Paper (12 11" x 14" sheets), 2013
Art has always been used to help man connect with his spirit and with his heritage. My recent developing interests in the Chinese Harp and in calligraphy, has inspired me to use art as a means for self-contemplation. I am intrigued by the small, beautiful things that can be easily overlooked in our fast-paced lives, and I hope to highlight this through my artistic works. I became most intrigued with this idea while on a recent trip to China, where I had the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and calligraphy. In classic Chinese calligraphy, each brush stroke is purposeful and allows for both the writer and reader to contemplate the intricacies of movement. A true masterpiece is able to take a fluid moment and encapsulate it into a physically static form. This has inspired my recent artwork Figure Scrolls which focuses on gesture and mark making present in Chinese calligraphy. I hope to build upon this and use art to highlight the transformation of movement into a limited physical construct.