Mehak Jamal

Blurred Lines-Translating the Known

Metal sculpture, MDF laser cut (Length: 32.79", Diameter: 21.85", Base breadth: 15.5", Base width: 12.9"), 2014

Blurred Lines-Translating the Known

There are many things that need translating. This may be
because they are in a different language or maybe they are hard to comprehend.
But there is a third kind of translation as well. And that is ‘translating the
known’. Many a times we don’t understand or choose not to understand what is in
plain sight. This opens up a different dimension of the ‘known’, where to recognize
something, all you need is a gentle push.

Through my installation, I want to depict one of the many
‘knowns’ in our lives in a different manner. Religion. We fight over it, we
kill for it and we live with it. Every human, whether religious, an agnostic or
an atheist has come in contact with it at one point or other. We may choose to
accept it and we may choose to denounce it, but one thing we must not do is,
degrade it. Different religions and faiths are like the spokes of a wheel. Each
having its own space and operation. Now all of the spokes of the wheel must
function perfectly for the wheel to work properly. If they are affected, the
wheel will suffer. If one spoke is damaged, may be not so much, but as the
number starts increasing, so does the damage, to an extent that the wheel
becomes useless.

In the same sense, all religions must work together in order
to maintain the peace and harmony of the overall system. If we keep damaging
each other, not only are we affecting them, we are affecting our growth as
well. Because only if all the ‘spokes’ (aka religions) work together, can the
wheel ‘move’ forward. When the spokes work perfectly, so does the wheel and the
entire machine that it is part of, ‘the world’ over here. And when the wheel
moves, all that separates us is just ‘Blurred Lines’.

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