Darshan Singh Grewal


Bamboo, Wood, Jute Ropes and Bags, Mud, Husk, Cow dung, Peepal Leaves, Earthen Pots, Antique Charkha and Madhani (Hand Blender machine for blending milk products) (Lower Dia: 7’ , Upper Dia 5’ / Height 9’), 2016

Landmark : A Vernacular Sculpted Installation 

At Village Jaipura, Ludhiana, Punjab

Landmarks are an integral part of our stories, imaginations and memories. They appear in our conversation and description of folklores.

In India, many families who live in cities have roots in villages where their ancestors lived, going back to village is special to all those who relish the fragrance of mud, starry nights, farms, fresh air and simple rustic lives. People delight in sharing anecdotes and stories of their villages, their memorable landmarks, shops, streets or chowk where their forefathers use to meet, play and spend evenings or places from where all villagers usually pass by.

Landmarks belong to all; they belong to the whole community that grows around.

I feel deep belonging to villages even though I grew up in Patiala city. I always love to go back to villages, spend time in farms, walk in gullies (village streets), watch activities and assimilate experiences through my art.

This project is an effort to explore an earthen craft process by creating a life-sized sculpted landmark using vernacular elements and antique objects as a symbol of tangible heritage and associated intangible traditional values.