Alja Košar


etching (matrix: 12 x 12 cm), 2016
    • Alja, I'm mesmerized by the interactions between the colors and the directionality of the lines in this piece. Though the print is physically small, I feel something vastly different as my eyes move from place to place across the piece. It is evocative beyond the simplicity of its structures. I love that you have broken down concepts into their building blocks. Why do you think it is that we notice the color first when it is lighter and the shape first when the shade is darker?

    • Uji, thank you very much for your kind comment 🙂 I really love the combination of drawing and color. And sometimes is such a small line between drawing and "painting". I love to explore these borders 🙂

      My master was about the color and drawing, so I was comparing the same plate (prints) in different color. First I printed primary colors, and then I added white color, and when I was comparing them (alltogether), they were different, (of course they were different because, the color was not the same, but the plate was), so during my researce and study I figured out, that when the color is strong, also the shape of the form (for exsample if we are looking one dot) is of course clearly seen, because the color is strong, and when I brighten the color, the shape of the form looses strenght, especially if the paper is white. Of course I also have to think about that 🙂 And because the form is not so clearly seen, we are "looking" what colour was used and than the shape.

      I hope that I aswered your question. If you have any futher questions feel free to ask me. 🙂

      Best 🙂

    • I was also thinking that the shape is more obtrusive with the contrast to the background when the color is darker. I also loved your series, "Interactions." I wonder what your intention is with that title. I think of interactions between the viewer and the piece, between the colors, between the dots, between the shapes and the background, and even between the viewer and the artist. You mentioned that you often don't title your works because it detracts from the viewer's perspective. What encouraged you to title the series?




      Hi, I am sorry for my late response. Yeah, shure I agree 🙂 Oh, thank you very much for your comment 🙂 It is very nice to hear that 🙂


      Your understanding of »Interactions« is great, understanding of this title is meant to be left to the spectator, whatever comes to their mind. Well, for me, these prints are also connected to my Masters degree, and the title was »Interacion between color and drawing in art space«. I also compared the same plate in different colors, and their interaction. Every color has its own phisical and psycological influences on us, also the shape of the form... I hope that I answered you 🙂


    • Alja, thank you for your response. That does help answer my question. I appreciate that even when you do give a title, it is so open. For example, the word “interaction” in your title doesn’t specify what the viewer should interpret the “interaction between color and drawing” as. However, it guides the viewer to a focus in order to have their own experience with the piece. What is the larger theme of your Master’s degree? I’d love to know more about it.

    • Uji, I am really sorry for my late respone. I had some work and stuff to do.


      I am very happy that you are interested in my work and I appreciate it.


      In my master I was analyzing art works, which were like colour drawigns. I was looking at shapes, forms and colors used in every art work. Because of course, colors also have some emotional impact or influance on us. And also we know that the specifics of colors can be seen in forms.  Every colour has its own shape or form. Also I was analyzing my work: my prints and my drawings. Basicly I was witing about art theory and then I was searching it in art works.


      I hope I answered your question. If you want to know something else, let me know. And sorry again for my late answer.


      Best regards,



    • No worries about the late response, I just enjoy learning more about your work and discussing. Take your time. 

      The focus of your Master's degree is very compelling and introspective. Did you have a particular emotion that you focused on? Did your works ever form from the emotions you were feeling at present?