Imrana Tanveer

Blue of the War Sky

Inkjet Print on Art Paper and Woven Thread (95x50 inches)

"Blue of the War Sky" is a triptych piece which was initially inspired from a visit my brother took to PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Museum in Karachi. It was a quite shocking and disturbing experience for me to see the images of modular monuments of the fighter planes displayed against a blue sky background. War, any where and of any kind, is not something to celebrate nor to feel proud about. The work 'Blue of the War Sky' fantasizes and fascinates with the image of the blue sky I used to have during my childhood. The sky used to be so vast, pure, and so brightly blue, but now it has been corrupted and overshadowed by pollution (climate changes), smog, high rise buildings, planes and fear of falling drones and bombs from above.