Untitled 1, Series: Nómbralas

Injection of ink on cotton paper

[Nómbralas] is a typology of 12 photographs about austere cafeterias, uncovered on the roadsides of north east Mexico. My interest with this constructions and their peculiar repetitive aesthetic is to conduct to a reading of abandonment in relation to the titles of this establishments, which evokes me the names or nicknames of women that disappear everyday in Mexico. The sociocultural condition of -being woman- and the perception of all things feminine in this country is dangerous: 7 women die every day because of violent reasons of which 95% of the cases go unpunished and unresolved (fgures from the National Institute of Statistics) In states like Chihuahua, the number of women murdered is 15 times higher than the worldwide average and 78 out of every 100 women has denounced some kind of violence (fgures from INEGI) in an age range encompassing 20 to 29 years old. Every day there are silenced women suffering different kinds of a problem that is known as structural gender violence. The normalcy, invisibilization and impunity are the main traits from which this fgures arise and grow. In that sense, this establishments named after these women represent altars but also represents a resignifcation of the graves symbolising the oblivion that dead women acquire and how we interact with those memories and post mortem manifestations within everyday life; however this spaces are isolated precarious and even hopeless, just as the situation in which most of the femicide ends.