Dimitri was born behind the iron curtain and grew up during a transition period in post-communist Bulgaria. He took his MBA and a master’s degree in International Purchasing from the Law Faculty of Strasbourg University, France. After a 180° turn Dimitri started to exhibit his work, which stretches from installations and sculptures to paintings, illustrations and photography. As a visual artist he tends to adore multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity. His works are exhibited in France and abroad. Dimitri lives in Strasbourg, France.

Driven by the desire to amaze, empowered by a constant need to inspire and provoke, my artistic research is based on several notions: a search for the beautiful moment of reset in the eyes of the observer, the simple need to break a stereotype and the philosophy of high awareness.
When the observer sees something different, strange or inadequate, something beyond his own inner, comfortable world, he changes his state; now he is in a high awareness state, which changes his attitude towards the world. I try to organize and curate those state switches as well as empower them and give them a constructive direction.
High awareness, breaking of stereotypes and constructive, creative thinking are some of the basics of our generation.