An individual in our society is crushed and hammered by the religious authoritative social figures who are always considered justified in their power. As a result these powerful figures have developed a scarred and disfigured society. We are almost forcibly convinced to believe that everything that is told has to be accepted as “the truth”. This has resulted in whole-scale brain washing of the masses and they have accepted that questioning and soul searching is a sin.

The 'sacred' or religious authorities are usually male figures a father, a sibling, a partner or a priest and occasionally a mother, who are constantly judging and threatening society. These figures use and abuse the historically accepted tools like social values and religion to exercise their privileged authorities to enforce what they think is right or is beneficial to their own causes.

In my work I have used a few well recognized examples of the sacred tools and attempted to paint the picture of the abuse. The stern authority and an absence of democratic tools, lack of training and a prohibition of free thinking has left the individual with only one option: to believe in and to obey the dominant paradigm, that everything that is laid down by authority is sacred and holy.

Some of my works critique the above situation. The size and aura of the hand-made speaker represents the male authority and coercion cruelly enforced by dominant society on the soul and psychology of an individual, especially the woman. The rustiness of the handcrafted speaker and the meaningless Arabic text is tantamount to the sadly ugly repercussions of the painful journey of our nation.

We are such stuff, our society is based on – hammered and molded into what is wanted, like a hand-made speaker - shiny on the outside; hollow and rusty from the inside, justified on the threads of religion. Individuals will remain over-shadowed as long as the swords of “HOLY AUTHORITIES”– the ultimate power of our society - is wrongly used to justify the means they employ. You can’t be your own person is the primary message.

Another aspect of my work is that I have looked at how we visually see things and make statements without investigating what that actually is. Like “ the sacred or unsacred” language in which random words are written having no meaning but text format/convention shows it to be something sacred. And the shadows on the wall struggle to enter our comprehension and rationality. This confounding of religion as dogma and personal faith brings us to this paralyzed state.