I am from the 80's; draw inspiration from anything that life offers, whether it can be a social contentious issue like stereotypes, struggles, women, traditions, human right infringements and how all these above-mentioned aspects of life can be found in all walks of life. My talent is God-given meaning that, I was taught how to draw, paint. I have exhibited at the ABSA L'Atelier, Sasol New Signatures and other exhibitions but my work is regularly bought and that sometimes leads to me not even having the opportunity of exhibiting the body of my work.

I am also an Educator and I have started an Art business, whereby I employ newly graduates in the field of Art, that will help rehabilitate young offenders and parolees in Correctional Facilities, helping them harness the Artistic skills that they already possess and be able to manage those skills in a manner that will be sustainable for their lives and have a means of creating income for themselves and not rely on their families the whole time, that way, they will also be giving back to their communities instead of constantly taking away from it, henceforth, the vicious cycle of poverty and crime will be cut and social balance with be reached.