The focus of my recent work derives from research involving additive color theory and its applications in digital artmaking. My interests of color theory and relative symbolism stem from nonobjective movements of neoplastism and American abstraction. In these light based forms I distinguish my work as visual/virtual information rather than a traditional relic or artifact. The non-physical properties of light, as well as the readymade qualities of my installation, demystifies and questions the role that 'value has in art'.

Gesture and expression are completely removed from the digital images and are replaced by precise alignment and arrangement. This degree of digital perfection suggests the removal or dissociation of the artists and subsequent reality from the work itself.

In my submitted images I applied the elements of art to serve as universal language to address the theme "translation". By utilizing the elements of art anyone who can view the image will be able to draw their own interpretations of the piece. The only drawback of using at elements solely to illustrate ideas is that those without a strong art background or non fluent in the 'language of art' maybe have difficulties translating the art.