Everyone always talks about art, what does it mean and what is it trying to represent- political issues, social issues or just thoughts and imagination. But in my practice, I’ve decided to turn the tables and focus on the Artist and the Artist’s life instead.
As an art student I have started creating posters and video art because art is at the heart of everything. I took language as a medium because it is a universal way to simply express our feelings. It does not always have to be only through paintings and sculptures that people express themselves. Some things can also be expressed through writing. Language itself is a work of art. Everyone across the planet communicates with words, and not sculptures and drawings. I chose poster and words so that I could communicate with every person. Also, in my opinion, posters are one of the most economic ways to express our feelings.
Through this I don’t just want to restrict myself to writing. I want to bring art into it and make it practical, so that artists become aware and receive the message that I’m trying to communicate.