At this given time my work explores two directives: the gestures of interpersonal actions and the study of individual manifestations of the human form.

Mostly I work in a ritualistic manner sketching repeatedly, layering paint as I go, until I have explored dozens of postures and movements. I stop once I reach the unspoiled moment of interaction I was searching for, once I catch the true essence.

My characters are generic figures and never an actual accurate portrait of a person. Sometimes faceless and naked, these bodies are stripped of any embellishments in order to echo the purity with which they entered the world. I often use a simple and confident line with intense bright colours.

The imagery I create is insolubly linked to my understanding of human anatomy. Not in a logical way, but through a sensitive and gentle path towards finding what interests me the most: the hands, chest and the spine. My extensive study of anatomy actually liberated me from its confines and took me one step further to a personal abstraction of the shape.