African American artists Sanford Greene, John Jennings and Jack Kirby inspired me growing up. I began to draw and imagine myself as a character in my own stories. When I was accepted into Morehouse College, I began to research and create images of a world where slavery had not existed in Africa. This concept is known as Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction and Afrocentricity to critique and reexamine the past to recreate a technological future.

I will be telling a story titled Black Future about a boy named Amir Dex who changes slavery and makes Africa one of the biggest Afro-technological places for African Americans to live. My story starts off in the year 2035 when Amir Dex is in the library working on a paper for African American History. While in the library, he stumbles upon a tribal book. Inside, a page marked “incantation spell for returning to the past”. He reads it and is thrown back to 1619 where he is able to prevent slavery from happening in Africa. By doing so, Africa becomes an intellectual powerhouse where technology and art have combined and created new futuristic themes. While being in futuristic Africa, Amir Dex learns about his history and becomes one with Africa. To assist him in his work he creates a robot named Zeke who can change and transform into anything Amir needs. Through Amir’s efforts Africa has emerged into a dynamic and technological continent.