My art work to me is therapeutic, it allows to manifest my findings, experiences and emotions in a concretized form which showcases best my dexterity. Having been born in Arunachal Pradesh and lived in varied mountain terrains of India, triggered the taste for the uncanny , the unfamiliar and the castaways . What intrigues my creative palate is the intricate, elaborate and iridescent nature of the flora and fauna and the embodiment of the totemic rituals in and around their culture. My work represents an organic rebellion against the destructive forces of the urban grid.

My patience allows me to have a wonderful eye for detail, an innate sensitivity to texture, colour and material, and a love of playful juxtapositions . Materials such as jute, fabric, ceramic and paper mache clay have always found a way into my practice and my new found love for wire mesh has made my work grow significantly. Light makes for an exciting element in some of my works.

In my upcoming work, I intend on surfacing the travesty that lies in the belief systems of different tribes in and around the totem culture. My art work will continue to withhold the gentle yet formidable spirit.