I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I came to study at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. After completing basic year I decided to go into graphic design as my way of working was strictly good looking on a screen or in print. I became interested in photography during 2nd year when I started completing most assignments with the medium of photography. Photography gives me a better perception of what is surrounding me and it transforms what I see into mini-worlds that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. As I mention in my video "From Off to On” need to mediate reality in order to properly receive it”.

Additionally I have always been passionate about the color blue, it is my ultimate love and I was waiting for a long time to find a perfect assignment where i could express my attachment to it and what it means to me. It is strongly attached to the concept of virtual and that is what my work is largely about. Next to that I am fascinated about the dark sides of the human brain. I don’t like what is normal and my inspiration are always those weird things that happen to us that we never talk about. I like to challenge what we see as normal and to show the dark side of it; "the sick side”. My recent interest is how technology, the virtual is taking over our experience of now and how much it is changing us as humans. I am not afraid to tackle those dangerous topics as i believe it is good to face them.