My work concerns the way humankind inhabits space, especially architectural and urban space. I use sculptural forms and installations to explore both the formal aspects and the social reception of the human housing environment.I am interested in the way public space is shaped by urban planning and architecture.

I observe masses, textures, and space configurations. I am also interested in street furniture and in small elements that often go unnoticed: in all the little details that formally constitute the city. I question the constructed space and the shape of the house, which sometimes has lost its primary function of shelter. This leads to projects that examine all manners of spaces—livable and non-livable, closed and open, inside and outside, private and public.

Generally abstract and simple, my public installations and sculptures question the notion of constructed, delimited space. My work seeks to understand architectural and urban planning approaches in order to find new ways to address, through sculpture, problems of the body, space, and scale. Every one of my projects engages with the notion of architecture on some level: through the use of space, borrowed techniques, theoretical notions, or precise references to the architectural space of our everyday life

Camille Rajotte holds a bachelor’s in visual and media arts, international profile, at Université Laval, Québec City, where she is currently pursuing a master’s in visual arts (MFA) and a certificate in architectural theory. Recent activities of note include artist residencies in Barcelona (2014) and Berlin (2014), an art piece built into the architecture of the entrance of the La Fabrique building in Québec City, a solo exhibition in Trois-Rivières, Canada, and multiple group exhibitions. At Épilogue (2013), an exhibition for Université Laval graduating students at the Espace 400e Bell in Québec City, she won the prestigious René-Richard Award recognizing the most promising student. Other group shows include Traduction///Translation (2014, Montréal), Répercussions (2013, Université Laval’s Desjardins pavilion, Québec City), Vues sur Scalpée (2013, La Bordée theatre, Québec City), Banc d’essai (2012, Université Laval, Galerie des arts visuels, Québec City), and Festival des arts éphémères de Marseille (2012, France).