Born in the time of South Africa’s transition to a democratic state, Pebofatso Mokoena’s practice is a re-imagining of complex contemporary social questions. Through his uber-considered visual vocabularies between form, movement, colour, composition and line as core languages of abstraction, Pebofatso connects similar social situations which may/may not exist in similar environments.

By referencing South Africa’s long history of migrant labour and spatial politics, personal relationships between class and the collective consciousness, Mokoena’s work engages these conversations through his daily encounters and engagements with the human ecosystem.

Taking cues from patterns of natural ecosystems and its orders, Mokoena draws links between the technical considerations of Renaissance painters, the Formalist era of abstract painting of the 20th century to South Africa’s experience of its past and its potentialities to instigate imagery which sing his songs of protest between movement and stillness.

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