Through this work I explore the idea of self as a fragmented and unstable construction. The fragmented self, to me is shaped by the feelings, events and moments frozen in one frame. The Images are captured in the style of documentary photography.It is through my photographic documentation of populated and sometimes abandoned spaces, that I try to form a sense of cohesion by identifying somewhat of a pattern or motif.

I chose to photograph using analogue format with black and white film. The images are 35mm and medium format. The photographs will be scanned and then retouched using Photoshop. I chose to photograph in black and white, as I do not want any disturbing shouting vivid tones flashing through out the images. I prefer strong tones from white to grays with strong black lines for contrast . In this project I used available light and did not make use of flashlight. I captured the moments using a 50 mm lens, as I want to be so closer to the subject.

Take a look at the series ‘Fragments'