My preoccupations are basically redefined urban space in a pictorial manner, It has relative importance of social changes and my own upbringing in urban space Mumbai as we have been going transitional period of social reforms and economical reforms it takes a critical view on the social issues of collective consciousness which has been toggling in-between childhood and adulthood as being a woman in post industrial societies and rapidly changing lives of people. But if I look at the urban landscape it haunts me but at the same time it delivers a pleasant moment of act of painting. I have realised that I do not loose vertical and horizontal placement of visual language (if one can see Mumbai’s sky scrapers either horizontal or vertical) . In my works you may visualize different marks and sign as symbol of day-to-day life.

When I came across the view of these slums I was interested in the way the whole area came to life, although I have become more passive experiencing diversity of the way of living in developing nations like India where socio political changes are rapidly formed and the way of living itself becomes art and that experience has transformed into images and created social space over the canvas and I found out there is death of utopian realties in urban space. Maybe the reason is that I have seen and experienced it in a particular aspect and viewed it from a distance like Arial perspective and landscape perspective. During the act of painting I’m conscious enough to realize that I get interested in new areas of the content that I may have not yet explored , which leads me to the next body of works but it seems to me that human being are under skin .