Originally hailing Goolwa but now residing in Brooklyn Park after spending a year studying Santiago, Chile - studying politics, philosophy and spanish. Jack is predominately a street artist/muralist but also a practicing illustrator, installation artist, writer and digital artist. After working with Bill Shannon he has been experimenting with video inspired sculptures using pico projectors. Jack’s work incorporates political subjects and content to inform and confront everyday people with structural injustices. Other work consists of colorful, cosmic natural worlds slightly reminiscent of Dr suess, Erik Parker and Dhear using styles and shapes from the street and liberated hand movements. Jack’s drive to make art has been formed by the need to enrich and provoke change in the everyday world based on monetary success. It is about the appreciation of the natural world and the importance of imagination. Lots of his art is made from things around him and is inspired by experiences, places, immediate surroundings and his cultural and social position. Jack aims to create works relevant and accessible to the modern world.