Born and raised in Andorra, up in the Pyrenees mountains, I developed my own vision of purity and beauty. I moved to San Francisco a couple years ago to pursue a career in Fine Arts. I am currently working in series of paintings materializing a feeling of constant discomfort and an introspective journey trying to grow while remaining pure.

Generally, big canvases are my weapon of choice. I try to create unexpected compositions that drag the eye around and trap the viewer with an uneasy feeling. Most of the images are a refined product of my subconscious: I simply use my own dreamy visions as the starting point. I focus on a main figure, so the viewers will identify themselves with the main character of the experience. The environmental conditions and animals are intended to symbolize the best features of our true selves, -purity and raw instincts, respectively.

My main goal is to be impactful and not to leave people indifferent. I don't want them to be simple witnesses but to participate in this surreal battle, asking questions and creating their own explanations.