My works are based on my old memories, my close ones, my body obsessions & complexes.My daily life plays an important role in some of my work . Most of my works are figurative.
I have an immense interest in old negatives but as I am in the time of digital era , getting analog camera and getting the negatives is not that easy and also very costly . so I started editing them in inverts and got visual of old negatives, further I edit them in black and white to get that old black and white negative visual . These are some images from different time and places but all are connected through the visual of negatives. My eyes are not capable to see in negatives but I can see after editing, this gave me the interest to do this kind of works.According to me I am travelling through different visuals using filters and seeing the world in a different way which i wish to . not only negative all filters are interesting according to me as we have filters everywhere now, in mobiles, editing softwares, facebook ,instagram ,and so on when i started using social accounts in school I started experimenting with filters then only but I didn’t knew that time that they can be a part of my work but now after many years i use filters mostly invert i don’t know exactly why i use ,anyway, I believe in editing images because it gives me a freedom like painting and I can transform those images into something different . I also find editing interesting because I can undo what i have done. I am working on negatives(invert filter) consciously for more than one &half year now ,I do colour negatives ,I use my drawings and paintings and also edit them .i am exploring more , i find this medium interesting because it has many layers of working first manually then i see digitally and work on them . i want to explore more possibilities of this medium.
There are certain things in my life which i cannot express through words sometimes write in my diary but somehow i find drawings more expressible ,some of my drawings are based on my private memories which are very close to me . I find human faces and body gestures very interesting. I love exploring human body . .I sometimes question my sexuality through my works, I find it very confusing at times ,sometimes about my preferences ,sometimes about my gender & and others reaction on that also . not only questions i also find certain things ans about me which i didn’t knew before , there are many things which has been changed in me because of my practice i just started knowing myself more and more.

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