Mani Saemi,
widely known as an Iranian painter, was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987. His passion of art emerged in the very early
stages of his life which led him to work predominantly in the mediums of painting, illustration and graphic design.
Living in a family with an artistic background helped him nurture his abilities in the field.
Before he start his bachelor degree, he went to an art high school with concentration in the graphic design, Mani
got his bachelor’s degree in visual communication with a focus on graphic design in 2009, beside which he pursued
a degree in interior design.Through his art works, he has strived to separate himself from the intellectual bands that
puts him in connection to this world. Instead, he has tried to get in touch with the world that is full of emotions and
which is found in the different layers of our inner selves. The world that is the center of silence and that is defined
by the colors and emotions.

Mani believes his inspiration and energy comes from the nature and painting for him is a kind of meditation.
By his art works, Mani is showing both his emotions and his dreams of his surrounding environment.
Mani’s art works has always been the reflection of the conditions he was living in. Moving to Sweden, he found
himself standing on the borderline between two cultures: his former homeland of Eastern culture and the newly
met western culture. As an artist, he wanted to unite and embrace the emotions that he was feeling and tries to
show that the fusion between different cultures is one way to achieve perfection. He feels that it is his duty to the
art to depict nature and man, to portray the growth, prosperity and peace in a world without borders.
His participation in this contest was an excellent opportunity for him to show the beauty that arises in the meeting
of different cultures, in the form of paintings. Looking through his art works, it can be perceived that the essence
has remained the same, although aging and experiences has formed a journey of outlooks for him on life.
In his art works, a great deal of attention is given to the feeling a subject might feel experiencing them. In Mani’s
view of his paintings, the art work has the vocation to deliver a positive sense to the subject which arises from his
inner inclination to culmination and peace.

Mani, in the process of completing his art works, tends to work on one piece at a time, so as the completion of one
is the key to start the next art work. In his profession as a painter, he never attended any painting classes; instead,
Mani learned different materials and techniques (including but not limited to watercolor, color pencil, oil painting, etc.)
by himself, and now, although the base of his paintings is acrylic paint, his experience helped him to include many
other materials in shaping his works. Mani is currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is continuing his
studies in the design medium and has been nurturing himself with new experiences in the field.

2008 Solo exhibition "The Silence" Iranian Artists' Forum; Tehran, Iran.
2010 Manic group exhibition; "Painting on Clothing & Accessories"; Tehran, Iran.
2012 Painting Performance; ''Peace'', Nordstan show hall; Gothenburg, Sweden.
2013 Group exhibition with 50 artists; Konstrundan i Majorna; “Röda Sten Art Gallery”; Gothenburg,
2014 Solo exhibition at cafe Kardemumma; Gothenburg, Sweden.
2014 Group exhibition with 50 artists, Konstrundan i Majorna; “Röda Sten Art” Gallery; Gothenburg,
2015 Group exhibition, ''Gothenburg Museum of Art; Gothenburg, Sweden.
2015 Group exhibition with 53 artists, Konstrundan i Majorna; “Röda Sten Art Gallery”; Gothenburg,
2015 Group exhibition during #10 Merc Poetry Festival, “Museum of World Cultures”; Gothenburg,
2015 Solo exhibition at Galleri and more; Gothenburg, Sweden.
2016 West Pride art exhibition at “City Library” Art Gallery; Gothenburg, Sweden.
2016 International Curated Art Show, July – August; Ponte de lima, Portugal.
2016 ’’Adunanza’’ International Contemporary Collective Art Exhibition September; Milano, Italy.
2016 Solo exhibition at DeLorenzi Caffé; Gothenburg, Sweden.