My work is really a wake up call to the human race especially my fellow Africans, to show people that we are all one at the end of the day, regardless of our race or gender and financial status’s, because everything we do as selfish separate entity’s affects us all as a whole at the end of the day, not only humans but all life in general. I use the human body and different objects like the African musk, Berra glover and shiny jewels as metaphors for cults, crime and materialism, to reveale the bitter truth hidden behind all these disguises to show unity. I am inspired to do this kind of work to help my fellow brothers and sisters to move away from this selfish separate way of life, which is taking place I feel it is creating more harm than good because the whole is not working together as a whole but as a separate entity.

Odirile Maboya was born in Soshanguve a township in Pretoria, and grew up in Johannesburg attended art classes at the little artist’s art classes at Banato in Berea, during high school and was also working as a muralist doing murals for shelters like, Usindiso Ministrys and the village heaven in Buccleuch and is currently studying at the Artist Proof Studio.