I work with my own life, for me, action itself is the way to actually create something in the world. Since 2009 I started to study into ritual and occult practices which have heavily influenced my artwork, from my understanding of these and getting away from using "occult imagery" as candles and such, I try to make my own symbols that connect my notions of reality to what may be possible for other type of realities.

My main influences for the thinking and making of projects are Chaos Magick and Alchemy combined with my own emotional and paradigm shifting life process. I am interested in vibration, the very foundation of what we call reality, so, very often my actions and projects have a sound aspect to them which leads to installation and experiments within different media.


Alejandro Zertuche (1989, Monterrey, Mexico) Visual artist & independent arts manager, graduated in Visual Arts from UANL and along with Melissa Garcia is co-director of Venus Project, performance art platform, he has presented his work in different exhibitions and performance art festivals around Mexico and countries like Cyprus, Colombia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Finland, Poland, Peru, Chile, Spain, Paraguay, Brazil and Indonesia. He has been part of platforms such as Biosfera Experimental, Performance Art Studies, T.A.D.E.O. and FOCUS, as well as appearing in publications like Emergency Index Vol. 5 and LARMAGAZINE. He was a fellow of the Young Creators 2016-2017 program in México’s National Fund for Culture and Arts with the project “Frágil” and is currently part of the editorial board of the emerging art magazine from Monterrey "Fea International". His artistic practice can be located in an autobiographical vision that he links with an independent study of occultism and mysticism, frequently exploring the capacity of ritual in performance art, linking processes to generate video, sound and installation experiments.

http://cargocollective.com/azertuche akamuiz@gmail.com https://vimeo.com/user10361057 https://www.youtube.com/user/mizunohito