Ashok Vish is an artist whose practice includes work in film, video, and photography. Vish lives and works in Bangalore, India. Born in Missouri, USA and raised in India, Vish earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Following graduation, he moved to Chicago and worked in consulting and marketing for three years before returning to school to study film production at New York University. Vish’s interest lies in exploring the relations between human emotions and public and personal interests across various media, which affords him the opportunity to investigate the relation between the imagery of fictional worlds and the conditions of reality. His oeuvre broadly deals with social inequalities and the human condition in both personal and public contexts. In both his filmmaking and his photography, Vish analyzes the world through the lens of personal politics. His overriding objective for all of his projects has been to create narratives, whether linear or abstract, that, in turn, open up spaces for greater engagement between audience and art, between viewers and characters/subjects, because doing so helps to bridge the seemingly wide chasms that separate “us” from “them”.