Time, memory and cognition are the primary and recurrent themes in my works. The temporality of a space, how it molds a memory and how we perceive the details of our surroundings are embodied in my works, which take various shapes through videos, immersive installations, sound, found objects, ephemeral mediums like kajal, and artist’s books. I first sketch my works through my writings and poetry, which translate into visual poetry. These writings lie at the center of the whole process as they capture an experience most succinctly; they’re later transposed into visuals or text based visuals.
Time and memory move simultaneously, where the ephemerality of Time is made tactile by approaching it through memories. I want to stage the feelings of different textures/affects of Time sensed within different spaces, and want the viewer to experience these feelings through my works, leaving with a subtle touch of these textures/experiences embedded in their memories instead of a concrete statement or meaning. There is a strong visual play on the viewer’s perception created through immersive installations to simulate an experience I’ve lived; video, sound, lighting etc. are juxtaposed to create these experiences, which can be comforting but sometimes can also be disturbing and confrontational.

Currently, living and working in Delhi, India.
[E-mail] sonam.chaturvedi06@gmail.com