I am interested in expression, not just as an act, but rather how it responses in relation to its circumstances; the psychology and mostly the subtle almost-imperceptive factors that works as an coordinator. I find my motifs and subjects from my surroundings, the daily life I live within; the nature; the people; the events; seeped through my correlation and perspective. I also find inspiration from traditional art forms both oriental and western, like miniature and surrealism; taking the language and interpreting in my own way. I like to work minutely and in detail on my paper, it gives me a sense of intimacy as well as making it visually exquisite. The delicate lines and strokes demands an intensely close attention resulting in an emotional connection on my behalf. I like to have a layered flavour about my images, revealing them on account of sensitive attention. This goes both for my paintings and prints; although in paintings, whereas I can work directly, in prints it comes through result of an not-so-direct process. I like to experiment with different mediums, responding to their subsequent characters and qualities, and using them on favour of my image-making. The various texture and sense of tangibility the mediums produce, gives them its unique sense of identity.
MY method of making image takes its form out of an prolonged visual process, including a series of sketches and layouts. After adjusting and arranging them in accordance with my desired atmosphere I reach my final composition. I perceive my process as a visual journey in which the path is as important as the destination .I like to experiment with visual challenges like working with a monochromatic palate, or omitting the facial details and bringing out the expression and characters only through clothes, accessories and physical gestures; as well as technical challenges like doing a multicolour lithograph of 15 colours, resulting in a enriching complex experience. I also like to study the different emotional expression the different colours produce. I study my surroundings a lot, which gives me a better understanding of the ambience as well as a sense of belonging. I have an interest for little insignificant details which actually adds to the aliveness of the whole visual composition. One major component of my work is sensuality which I strive to achieve through patience and intricate lines. I enjoy to bring out the inherent rhythm and grace of my surroundings through my pallet.

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