My work is a visual documentation of Confusion, Curiosities, Questions, Introspection,
Solutions about the universe. Why it is as it is? and why we exist at all?
I try to create an idealistic atmosphere; a certain energy which helps in inventing a bigger
source of energy. Fragments of my paintings, installations develop through a drawing.
Following it up with is coating surfaces with the medium I create myself such as organic deposits, with multiple layers of coal tar
compound and ink on it. The process ends with Patina treatment and application of organic
materials which constantly keeps me rooted with the existential past. As I am very close to a
phenomenological account of the temporality of permanent memory as I work. Experience
and time are visible brush marks. A metaphorical connotation layered in history, scientific
facts, myth, and stories, hidden and revealed with paper layers and found objects. By
structuring the fractals and reorganizing them mathematically and structurally into another
structure, is in a way similar to how a haiku is formed; one recognizes words as morae
though often loosely translated, which somewhere resembles a bigger picture- evoking the
images of the natural world. With the help of theories, I try to show a conversation about a
fleeting moment involving nature in today’s busy world.
Another element which I use in my work is sound. The sound, which I usually record from
various sources and layer them with pre-recorded ancient mammal voices and compose
them in some formulae which helps me to create the balance in that particular atmosphere.
It nurtures the space and ties different drawings, text, found objects (which comes from a
different time) into a context altogether. The continuous play of sound unites the entire
work. The sound also helps me make it more personal and makes the work reach its origin
of thought.