After teaching secondary math in Dumas, Arkansas for two years, I have returned to the Bay Area, California. Working in education technology, I make time to draw, paint, and write.

I became fascinated with art's myriad interdisciplinary purposes when I illustrated my research based thesis in Developmental Biology at Reed College. Though my academics have been focused in the maths and sciences, the most constant passion in my life has always been art.

When I began taking art courses in high school, I fixated on black and white drawings using graphite; I only dabbled in color. I employed close cropping, magnification, and repetitive detail. I only recently realized that I thrive in the moments that I follow my creative impulses.

In my later years of college, I began to confront my apprehensions of permanence and relinquishing control. This lead me to sketch more regularly in ink as well as take intaglio printmaking and oil painting classes. Through studies of other artists' work I have been compiling a larger sense of what art means to me and broadening my own style. As therapy for a desk job and positive channelling of my stress, I have recently started working with acrylics.