Concept note about my work

I came from a small village named Mihijam, which belongs to a part of Chotanagpur plateau.
In my works I want to create the character of the Rurh region as well as vastness of landscape. I studied the high and low land , surface of boulders and form of landscape . The vast rural scape unsullied by vertical growth had been a part of this vision / memory with artists like Binodhbehari mukherjee and the southern sungs landscapes holding sway imagination. Of late this vision has deflated by various markers of growth and unsustainable development their solitary presence making this irony all the more event.
I choose paper as my support and choose pen and ink and water color as the medium of my works, it makes me easy to express myself . I started to follow landscape of traditional miniature paintings of Rajputh, Mughal, Pahari and Persian miniature paintings. I also followed the work of Constable and after following those master works I try to express the nature in my ways.