My art practice was based on various styles and mediums, from juxtaposition to cubist approach. My recent artworks are mainly figurative and floating image based. Recently I was recording some photos from my immediate surroundings; somehow I tried to capture all 360 degree with the panorama option in my Smartphone. But later I was not satisfied with the photographic experience. I began to make panoramic visuals, bringing separate photographic images together. It gave me a feeling of a vast place. When it came to paintings my natural choice was a big canvas horizontally placed. Readily it took the shape of some landscape – maybe not from any particular area, but as a reflection of my overall visual experience. However, this landscape then began to the populated with images that comes from my confrontation with the immediate surroundings. Now the entire image gives me a space to roam around as if the thoughts hover around inside my brain.I also tried to experiments in different mediums which enrich my ideas and thinking.