#Being migrated from small hilly state North-East Tripura to Kolkata (India) working & exploring the ideas with new surrounding in the same parallel way day by day & sharing the experiences of day to day life; how I observe the society and how the society reflect on me. I always like to document & represent my surrounding society through my art practice. Social events happening around me are conveyed in my sculptural practice. I liked to read comics from my childhood, Text and image pair have been sufficiently influenced from the comic violence & mock relevant characteristic features. Most of the time social events exposing with multi layer image and also with the juxtapose of different iconic metaphor, symbol, text happening around me are conveyed in my practice. In the '#Fingercross' series I used the terminology ‘enlightening the world…LOL!!!’ as a text on liberty's base. The expression of screaming use on liberty’s faces and tried to deconstruct the original form of the Liberty’s figure, 'statue of liberty'used as a symbolic metaphor. I always tried to mock political behavior and surroundings manner by using caricature like imagery; in the '#The human condition' work I have used the quote of Mahatma Gandhi’s (father of nation) three wise monkey as a symbolic metaphor, the biggest problem in our society that we are not right in ourselves but we always like to blame another person for listening, speaking and seeing instead of watching themselves. Deeply inspired from American popular art movement, I use similar motifs, stylization & techniques to voice my protest against societal evil like corruption, bribery, brutality, & the domination over the lion share middle class & below property level people by the capitalist propaganda at all. In the '#Innocence demand' series simply I present the politics with food & space, brutality & prejudice trade by the name of religion. I like to develop my research context and thought process in such way. In my practice always I tried to bridgetie between the idea and material with logical conclusion, how the material can be increased with experiment towards thinking. I believe an artist plays a crucial role in bringing about societal change and using my art as a voice in my vision, just like ‘shakespeare’ often gave critical messages through his comedy plays rather than his tragedies.