My work revolves around the use of black and white materials, themes and conceptual notions. I wish to mystify the viewer so that he/she experiences a strong emotional response from my images. The main focus of my creations is in the way they are created and combined through a Sisyphean craft like process.

I use an atmosphere of storytelling in my pieces and in the images I pick. I allow the story to be told without requiring a full understanding of the narrative.

My main inspiration for the Black Swan series was an image taken of some birds hurt by the recent oil disaster in the USA. Using those images I seek to describe the complex relationship between man and nature. I address issues of sexuality and femininity in my images taking great care to underline our always existing connections to them with our relationship to nature.

I am also deeply inspired by the book "Laocoon: An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetry" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing who placed the emphasis on the written word as opposed to the painted image. The Laocoon in today's critical view is putting "culture" and "men" above "nature" and "women".

My art is an ongoing dialog with the black printed word on top of the white paper. It asks question about the relationship between the narrative and the visual arts, all the while being aware of the gender division between them