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Mayte Escobar
Perris, United States
C.S.U. San Bernardino
Joshua Hunt
Milwaukee, United States
U.W. Milwaukee
Yintzu Huang
Taipei, Taiwan / Brooklyn, United States
Rea de Guzman
San Francisco, United States
Art Institute of Chicago, MFA
Dara Alter
New Jersey, United States
Moke Li
China / NYC, United States
Rhode Island School of Design
Eric Souther
South Bend, IN, United States
Jeremy Stroud
Columbus, OH, United States
College of Art and Design
Emily Lazerwitz
London, United Kingdom
Slade School of Fine Art - UCL
Olivia Baldwin
Sugar Loaf, NY, United States
Jillian Grant
San Diego, USA, United States
University of San Diego
Raphael Villet
Oakland, CA, United States
Mathieu David
Paris, France
Stefan Bleekrode
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Monica Magtoto
San Francisco, California, US, United States
Carley Smith
Victoria, BC, Canada
University of Victoria
Alejandro Morales
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Khalil I. Rantissi
Ramallah, Palestine
Birzeit University
Lora Azza
Strasbourg, France