I have always been fascinated with vernacular photographs, because these
amateur visuals encase the illusion of memories, an overwhelming sense of
nostalgia and an underlying mundanity resulting in a constant yearning for the

This constant longing to be a part of something and yet distant from it is present
in my work. My practice is a mirror image of this volatile enthrallment with the
unattainable. The only evidential record of our lives is our memory of a
kaleidoscopic chain of events, images, sounds, smells and feelings. In short these
impressions are of abiding value to my sense of self.

As a painter metamorphosizing these vernacular photographs gives me leverage
to manipulate these revered objects, while fragmenting these images recall a
specific moment from our collective past. The images weave together both truth
through tangible photographs and illusion through distortion. There is an inherent
desire to create the landscapes of a new memory. I want to establish an universal
familiarity with each image, allowing viewers to extract their own personal
meaning and creating for themselves a space within the frame, through
ownership of the emotion that is explored within, as one that is recognizably their