Artists are known for pushing boundaries and making work that feeds off of their enthusiasm, perseverance, and passion. Ai WeiWei, a Chinese contemporary artist, uses art to further his social activism, protesting the Chinese government's stance on democracy and human rights. He uses art as medium to speak out, and in this way his art is transcendent. Inspired by him, and other socially active artists, I am hope to use my own artistic works to enact change. Ai WeiWei’s courage, which allowed him pushed forward regardless of the obstacles and hurdles he faced, inspires me to work hard and overcome my own personal challenges to create great art. Over the years, art has become a solace for me that has allowed me to work though my inner conflicts and challenge myself.

Growing up as a Chinese American, I have struggled with my identity and heritage, always feeling pulled in two directions. Through art I have been able to explore this conflict and create a dialogue in which I can examine questions about self-identity and worth. Coming from a generation of Chinese-Americans proud of their culture while embracing all the freedoms that America has to offer, I have learned to take everything I have and use it as an open door to infinite possibilities to grow and learn. Through art I hope to inspire people to pay closer attention to the simple and beautiful things in our own cultures, and to enact change towards the conservation of our environment.

My training has been heavily focused on building foundations through still lives and master-copies, but more recently I have become intrigued by abstract and concept based works. There is a freedom of expression allowed in abstract art that facilitates deeper meaning and allows for the expression of personal ideas. While at one time I was happy to create a perfect rendition of a bowl of fruit, I have since learnt that I want to create more than static art. I want to use my art to communicate and inspire change. To this end, I have sought out experiences and education which will allow me to further my artistic goals. One of my greatest goals is to use my art to help educate and inspire others to make changes that can protect our world. Through my art I hope to highlight the grave state our planet is in and the necessity for environmental conservation.