Somaya Mohamed Khadragy is Associate teaching at Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, Printmaking branch, Alexandria University, Egypt.
Somaya was born in Etai-Elbaroud, Bihra on 2 June 1987, She graduated from Suzan Mubark Secondary school in 2003, and from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University with a Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2008. She remained at the Faculty of Fine Arts to complete her Master degree in Lithography Printmaking in October 2014.
Now, she started PhD and she still working on it.

My artworks theme is about the elements around us, and how the artist can extract the artistic values of these elements by any technique , whatever drawing, painting, printmaking and all another techniques. I believe that the beauty in everything around us no matter what we see ugly,and I believe that God ( ALLAH) did not create something ugly, because everything has particular advantage which is the source of beauty.