• Featured Event: ‘Design Thinking Showroom’ | Sevilla, Spain

    A few glimpses into the Art Department of the University of Sevilla, Spain, where some students, who participated in the first phase of the project 'Design Thinking in Higher Education', are showing their works. 

    The Center for Cultural Initiatives, University of Sevilla, hosted a 'showroom' at the conclusion of the first phase of the pioneering educational innovation project 'Design Thinking in Higher Education'. The project has been funded under the 'Own Teaching Plan' of the University of Sevilla and is being carried out during this academic year, 2017-2018.

    Nearly five hundred students, of which forty are international students on the Erasmus scholarship, from twelve different nationalities, participated in the interdisciplinary project, which involved professors in the fields of linguistics, pedagogy, engineering, building, fine arts and communication.

    On the day of the 'Showroom' 40 different academic initiatives, made by teams of students, were presented by their authors In various formats: oral presentations as 'TED Talk moments', videos, posters, and works of visual art.

    Ramon Blanco Barrera (center) with some of his students on the day of the exhibition.

    We highlight here the works by some students from the class of 233 (Ramon Blanco Barrera), professor in training and PhD candidate, and a few words from Ramon about his experience in applying the 'Design Thinking' methodology:

    "The approach that I took to my art classes, "Representation Systems" and "Anatomy and morphology", was that the students were to be driven by what they felt passionate about; this is what I believe can really make them grow. The class was very open, there were no limitations, and each student ended up doing what they felt was right, what they thought could inspire the world, and improve it in some way...

    #DTshowUS (Design Thinking Show, University of Seville) has been an amazing event where students and professors from the University of Sevilla joined together to show their works, but also to learn about and to experience the various art projects presented. It was the culmination of a long process of hard work, and a beautiful experience.

    We encourage artists, students and professors from all over the world to jump, fly and dream about their projects. Because when any human being is inspired and motivated by his/her passion, everything is possible and a better world can be a reality.

    We, as society, can do better, so let’s do it!"


    Claudia Calvo


     ‘Souvenirs d'un autre monde’ is a song that inspired this project. This song immerses us in nature and new enviromnments, which I have always been very in-tune with. The artworks belong to a peronal diary that is still unfinished   and evolving. I would like to thank 233 (Ramon Blanco-Barrera) for offering me the opportunity to exhibit. Without him, it would not have been possible.

    Beatriz Rodríguez


    "Involution" consists of an anatomical investigation that precedes a book on which I'm working on, and whose characters evolve in both Mars and a postnuclear Earth.
    This investigation takes part in an ambitious project which is based on science, imagination and psychology, wanting to break molds and shapes that tie us down and force us to disengage our minds from several different branches of knowledge we are not specialized in.

    Laura Rastrollo


    Artist and Youtuber, Laura Rastrollo's project for this exhibition is a small work made with recycled materials, 'Rehusilla'. The interviews to her fellow artist companions on their experience  with 'Design Thinking' are also her contribution.

    To watch all of the interviews click here.


    Pepe Becerra


    "Anatomía musical" is a three‑part Project that puts together human anatomy and music. The posters – on the photo ‑ show the most important body parts when singing. Later, in a talk, a comparison between song‑writing and the human body is made. Finally, there is a performance of an original song that puts into practice the concepts shown on the posters.


    Watch the performance below: