• Announcement: ‘RACONTEURS’: A Group Visual Arts Project | Kolkata, India

    EAS artists Jayeti Bhattacharya and  Prasanta Ghosh are among the five young Bengali artists in this Visual Arts Project opening Saturday, April 14th, at the Art Multi - disciplines in Kolkata. A display of five different stories visually depicted, the show will witness the exploration of different mediums for the narration of each story.

    Opening: 14th April, 2018    |    Time: 6:00 pm onward    |    Dates: April 14th, 2018 - June 3rd, 2018 

    "Ishita Chakraborty, Jayeti Bhattacharya, Soma Bhowmik, Prasanta Ghosh, Ruma Choudhury who are my narrators or RACONTEURS are young, dynamic, serious practicing contemporary artists who obviously have their own language of expressions, their independent thoughts, ideas, perceptions with which they have been vigorously doing their Art practice and their works speak of the amount of enjoyment they get in the process. I have personally known them and have been up close with their works for a long time now.

    Divergent outlooks, contrasting ways of art practice yet there is one very familiar aspect about them and that is their ‘Sensitivity’. With the involvement of these minds my intention of exploring the various contemporary mediums got fulfilled appropriately as their art practices revolve around the usage of present day mediums like Installations, Video, Sound, Texts as well as more traditional mediums like Drawings, Paintings etc. Privately I considered my main challenge would be to fairly mount and compose the show which would on a whole satisfy my vision and aspiration.


    With the capable and proficient contemporary artists I have as my RACONTEURS I never had a moment of skepticism or apprehension. I would genuinely like to thank all my participants, with whom the proposed vision of creating a confluence of ideas, concepts, mediums, practices, stories and establishing it into a Visual Art Project is a reality today." 

    [from the curator statement, Ayan Mukherjee]

    Venue: A.M (Art Multi-disciplines) Studio, 4/66a Bijoygarh, Kolkata 700032