• Fall 2016 – Newsletter


    It has been a long, active summer since our last Newsletter, with a lot of new works, projects and interviews published on the site. We hope you will enjoy looking at the richness and variety of the art, and listening to the many voices from young artists across the world.

    The Summer Gallery features works from Sweden, India, Spain, Ireland, Zambia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Albania, United States, and Nicaragua.

    The most active artists this summer have been from India,
    where we had the celebrated 'Translations - Kolkata' exhibition last February.


    'Saudade', the journey of a clown symbolically representing the journey to self-discovery and self-knowledge,
    by Darshan Singh Grewal


    'The Life of Temporary Shops', a project highlighting the overlooked and humble reality of street vendors in the university town of Santiniketan,
    by Sarika Kumari


    'Gods and Crimes Scenes': by manipulating stills from a surrealist Swedish movie and images of Indian deities, Arpan Ghosh creates images playing with the absurd.

    'Scribble it Down' shifts from visual collaboration to the world of music and sound with 'Sonorous'. Eight artists from eight different countries participated in this intriguing project, created by Hagai Izenberg and Einat Moglad

    Along with the 'Series' related to the projects above, this page also features Sheila Rodriguez (Spain), Raka Panda (India), Eros Dibra (Albania), Yassine Chouati (Morocco), Prithwish Daw (India) and Gladys Kalichini (Zambia).

    This summer brought several fascinating conversations between artists and EAS contributors, Uji Venkat, Paola Loomis and Emma Drew. Take a look!


    "I never ‘decided’ that I wanted to be an artist, but yes, art is the power of my life." Prasanta Ghosh, Kolkata, India


    "...the remnants... symbolize lingering stereotypes of the ideal Filipina." Rea Guzman, Philippines / US


    “I was trying to decolonize my own artistic upbringing...”
    Gina Goico, Dominican Republic / NY, US

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  • May 2016 – Newsletter


    Newsletter, May 2016
    The Indian edition of 'TRANSLATIONS'  brought together the works of 20 young artists from 15 different countries with the works of 24 young artists from Kolkata, where the exhibition took place.
    Together, these works created a striking
     international exhibition, a visual conversation across language barriers, demonstrating that art knows no borders.

    Interview with Kim Marra
    Queens, New York
    "My goal is to illustrate the tension between comfort and discomfort that I associate with home by creating spaces that I feel also evoke this tension..." In the interview, Kim explains what drew her to paint architectural spaces and what 'home' means to her.
    An itinerant art gallery and library, built in a fully restored large dry box trailer, created to bring contemporary art to underserved audiences in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
    Our recently implemented page features online galleries of artists' works series. Artists from China, Afgahnistan, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Egypt, Pakistan, Finland, South Africa, Poland, Morocco, Italy,  United States, Sweden and Spain are on view here.
    Boundless Society | Lawrence Jadezweni
    Joannesburg, South Africa
    Thuli 'Lawrence' Jadezweni's documentary short film about six young artists who are finding their artistic voice in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Take a look at selected works added to the artists' portfolios in the Spring:
    Victoria Ayala,US;  Poma Basu, India;  Supriyo Karmakar, India;  Fariha Rashid, Pakistan;  Alexandra Gart, Russia;  Kim Marra, US;  Brent Nakamoto, US;  Nichole Speciale, US;  Arpita Singha Lopa, Bangladesh;  Partha Das, India; Isha Bawiskar,  India;  Gopal Roy, India;  Throngkiuba Yim, India;  Azizullah Hazara, Afghanistan
    Send us your comments, suggestions, ideas, artworks, projects...
    If you are an artist under 30, Emergent Art Space is your 

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